Nottynifty offers a wide range of exciting training courses in Learn Technical Analysis for Currency, Commodities & Equity markets. These courses are recommended for Students, Housewives, Retired people and Traders. Nottynifty Academy courses range from introductory level to more advanced workshops for experienced market professionals.

These courses are conducted by experienced Trainers who are expert market traders.


Technical Analysis

Why it works and its limitations

Dow Theory

Appreciating the contribution of Charles Dow

Chart types

Line, bar and candlesticks

Using them in different markets and market conditions Support and resistance levels

Identifying levels

Expected price movement on the break of levels Trend lines

Drawing lines correctly

Recognising trend line breaks

Continuation and Reversal patterns which work again and again

Moving averages

The different types of moving average lines

Which periods to use

Moving average based trading techniques Indicators

How to read the RSI

Monitor the Trend direction using the MACD

Learn to trade using the Stochastic Oscillator

Using Bollinger Bands

Golden Rules

Advanced Technical Analysis

Teach essentials of c# language that is needed to code the automated trader.

Teach Ambibroker charting software and how to use for back testing.

Teach Zerodha kite API. Realtime data API

Teach how to access Zerodha historical data

We are not going to provide any winning strategy. All we are going to do is equip traders with necessary skills to develop automated trader. We will provide extensive and separate course on how to write an automated trader.